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Pair of Aquafit Pullpush Dumbbells Flower L

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Our design team developed the Pullpush Flower L (large) to increase strength training during Aquafit exercises.

Looking for an accessory for strength training in your pool? Alone or in a group, in a pool or in the sea, try it and you'll like it!

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Sale price: 155 SAR

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Product Features

A photo of the Pair of Aquafit Pullpush Dumbbells Flower L in use


Work on several muscle groups in different exercises.

Muscular workout

Vary your exercises to tone up all the muscles in your upper body.

Additional Product informations


Main part

  • 70% Polypropylene
  • 30% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene

Product pack

The Pullpush Flower L is sold in pairs.

Product dimensions

PULLPUSH L, size large, diameter 38 cm.Product also available in size S for those who want a smaller resistance surface.

Directions for use

Place your hands on the handles and submerge your shoulders to enhance your sensations and take full advantage of the water’s benefits. We recommend that you use this accessory for your pushing exercises in water.

Why work on toning your up muscles?

Toning up exercises correct the weak points of your body muscles. Strength training exercises using just your body weight or light resistance will build up your muscles in a particular zone. Toning and strength training are also very good exercises to enhance your physical fitness in addition to your sports activity. Use them to speed up your progress and boost your performance.

Use the water’s resistance to strengthen and tone your body

Pullpush Flowers help strengthen your muscles, thanks to the large surface area of plastic around the wrists. This surface area increases water resistance when performing underwater movements. Perfect for static exercises, they use your muscles more for a vigorous and high-intensity workout. Depending on the angle of the handle, you can step up the strength training of the different parts of the body.

Why do aquafitness or aqua aerobics?

Once immersed in the water, the body becomes lighter and all movements become easier, even though the water creates more resistance than air and makes muscles work harder. Your muscles get a more intense workout without you even noticing. Aquafitness also has the added benefit of being a "low-impact" activity.So what are you waiting for? It's good for your body, your heart, your health and your mood!

The position to adopt for the exercises and a few exercise examples below

Keep your back straight, place your feet firmly on the floor and slightly bend your knees. You are ready to start!

Exercise no.1: strengthen your shoulders and arms

> Adopt the basic position> With your elbows half-bent, put your hands on the handle of the Pullpush Flower and stretch your arms on each side of your body. Make a breaststroke movement with one arm, then the other.> Pull the Pullpush Flowers back towards you and start again!

Exercise no.2: strengthen your back, shoulders and arms

> Adopt the basic position> With your elbows bent, cross your arms and stretch them out in front of you, one after the other. Then start again!

Exercise n°3: build up your shoulder and arm muscles and strengthen your abdomen

> Adopt the basic position> With your elbows bent along your bust, put the Pullpush Flower in front of you, alternately stretch out your arms and move them from the left to the right, while pivoting your bust to each side. Then start again!

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