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Our design teams developed this men's running shoe to offer you cushioning and stability for running outings and racing.


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Sale price: 535 SAR

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Product Features



Enjoy cushioning for 1,000 km with the K-Ring in the heel and Kalensole sole.


Enjoy more stability with the ARKSTAB concept


317 g in size 8.


The texture and geometry of the soles provide extra grip on wet terrain.

Energy return

Improve acceleration with the energy response of the Kalensole foam.

Anatomic design

For neutral, over and under-pronator strides thanks to the Konly technology

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OK, but not really supportive for marathon length

I had Kiprun 1 and ran c1000 miles in it incl training and running Southampton marathon in 2019. It was only after 1000 miles I found out the shoes were different sizes and too small size anyway :-) I was excited about Kiprun Long2 - bigger toe bog and other features and so ordered for London Marathon 21 training. The shoe has lost its reflective bits but the toe box is bigger. It also helps that I ordered the right size. BUT I developed PF after using this shoe. I am the same weight, same gait and same routes - and I've not had this before. I tried a double strike insole and that relieved it a bit but did add significantly to the weight. In the end I gave up with the shoe and insole and was lucky to be able to return both. I now am using a different brand on their 30 day challenge and already have got rid of PF and am running faster. A real pity Decathlon but thank you for refunding me.

Fantastic long lasting shoe

I did more that 1500 KM in my first pair of these shoes, running 5-10KM every day. No discomfort in these hard wearing road running shoes. I love them so much I've bought another pair

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Sole fell off, wore out v quick.

I have had two pairs of these, the first I did over 550 km on and they were brilliant. The second bought this year have only lasted 200km and the rubber sole fell off. And i have noticed that this pair have worn much faster than the first. I have no idea why?? They also just didn't feel as supportive as the first. Luckily I took them back today and got a full refund, so well done Decathlon on excellent customer service.

running trainers

Comfortable , light and give support

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Kiprun Long Men’s running shoes


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Make my knees hurt

I bought these trainers to replace my very old trainers as I've started doing more running. In the shop, they felt great, very comfortable. But it's only after running with them that you know if they are actually any good. And after a few runs, I can conclude that these trainers are no good to me - they feel like they are forcing my knees inwards and after every run I've done with these trainers, my knees have hurt (for at least a day afterwards). I went out for a run with my old trainers today and experienced no knee pain. Not sure if I can return these now as I have used them.


Unfortunately, not very comfortable. Not enough stability or support in the trainer.

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Kiprun Long 2

Purchased on the 28/12/2020 from the Giltbrook store after speaking to a sales team member on the shop floor. I'm a mild pronator and have previously had my gait analysed multiple times when purchasing from a well known running store in Nottingham. I was assured that these shoes were suitable given the inbuilt technology, but have suffered an achilles tendon injury and ran flat footed which I've never done before Given the incorrect advice I was given instore and the unsuitable technology, what options do I have given the 2 year guarantee?

OKISH - I changed the insole with a short laces

Short laces, good colour, fits okish but.......... First 5km run, suffered redness on the arch of my right foot/ankle - I actually thought there was something underneath my foot. Was going to return it but decided to change the insole. I have pictures of the redness. Since I changed the in-sole - the shoe feels more comfortable, use it every week for short runs.

Very comfortable and secure running shoe

I’ve worn this shoe in a few runs upto 10miles. The shoe has a comfortable and secure fit and feels good whilst running.

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Great Distance Shoe

I am currently running 30k-40k a week and was sick of shelling out £120+ every four/five months for new trainers. I have lighter interval/race shoes but I wanted a pair of shoes that I could just get through the miles in. I needed support and a hard wearing shoe, that would allow me to run whilst keeping those ITB and knee niggles in check. These shoes do exactly that and for the price I am very happy. Nice wide toebox and had no problems with them. I ran 33k in four days last week and no blisters or chafing at all. I left the review for two months to make sure I have put some km into the shoes, before writing anything. I have run about 200 km in these shoes so far, give or take. They are holding up well, keeping their shape and the rubber sole is holding well. Nothing has started to wear through and they still look ok. I will buy the same pair, when the current ones get too worn through.

Mislabelled, not a support (pronator) shoe

This shoe was identified as a "support" shoe, i.e. with extra support for those who overpronate. The filters on the website (now updated to pronator/neutral/supinator) picked out this shoe for me as I was looking for something to give pronation support. My first run left me with a large (bigger than a 50p piece) blister on the ball and arch of my foot. I thought maybe it was breaking them in, and tried to live with it, after all, the skin hardens eventually (until I miss running for a week, then I went back to blisters). When I eventually had a gait analysis done, the main in the shop was amazed at my claim this was a support shoe, as it clearly isn't. The footage from the gait analysis clearly showed me overpronating with no support at all from the shoe. As a shoe, it was comfortable enough - the laces are too short if you want to tie with a heal lock - so if you have a neutral gait you may get away with it. But it is not suitable for overpronators, and don't believe the website's claims to the contrary.

Hi Phil,

I am so sorry that this shoe is not right for you. If you want to return the shoe and swap it for a more suitable model. Please come in-store and we can get the right running shoe for you.



Nice shoe, ugly logo

Good shoe, great value. But as with all Kalenji shoes, the boring un-inspational logo is off-putting.

Best Value Road shoes

I've done about 3000km in 2 previous versions of this shoe. Hard wearing and comfortable I probably kept them slightly too long.

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Great trainers. Not the cheapest but very comfortable and extremely hard wearing

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Additional Product informations


Outer sole of

  • 38% Rubber - Synthetic
  • 56% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • 6% Thermoplastic Polyethylene

Upper of

  • 35% Polyester
  • 54% Polyurethane
  • 11% Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Lining and sock of

  • 100% Polyester

10 mm drop

The height difference between the back and front of the sole is 10 mm.

The importance of the cushioning

To give you optimal comfort and performance when running, we concentrated our attention on the sole which features 2 concepts:- K-Ring: a ring located in the heel to improve cushioning at the rear and spread the shockwave in order to provide effective protection for the body: joints, back, knees, etc.- Kalensole: improves cushioning by 34% and propulsion 25% compared with standard foam and lasts up to 1,000 km.

Did you say stable?

A stable shoe that facilitates the roll-through of the foot and reduces the effort needed to control the foot and the heel for a more relaxed foot motion.We have increased the surface supporting the foot, added a piece of TPU resin called ARKSTAB in the middle of the foot, and added reinforcement behind the heel.

The comfort of the kiprun long 2

In order to run regularly over long distances, foot comfort is of the utmost importance.We have therefore sought to improve the level of comfort thanks to the following:- a new collar at the back of the shoe ensuring excellent heel support and ideal softness.- a preformed sole made of open-cell PU (polyurethane) foam.- a reworked forefoot area for more comfort.- a seamless, single piece of fabric to reduce friction.

Adapted to all types of strides

Thanks to the exclusive K-ONLY technology and denser foam located under the first metatarsal, you no longer need to know your stride type: over-pronator, under-pronator or neutral)!A 6-month study conducted with the Luxembourg Institute of Health* showed that the K-Only concept suits all strides.The key figures of the study:- 372 runners- over 12,558 training sessions- 12,094 hours of exercise- 116,723 km covered

Excellent road-holding ability on wet roads and bends

Our sole is designed like a car tyre for running performance without losing control in wet conditions.The new geometry of the sole combined with a new rubber component provides the KIPRUN LONG2 with excellent grip on wet terrain, even at top speed.

New features of the kiprun long 2

In 2020, we have improved the KIPRUN FAST 2 thanks to your feedback over the last 2 years:- the forefoot has been improved for more comfort in the arch- new rubber on the outer sole to improve grip by over 37%

A team of passionate athletes to offer a unique running experience

The Kiprun LONG 2 is the product of Decathlon's footwear expertise gained over 10 years.Caroline and Pierre-Emmanuel (product managers), Stéphane (product engineer) and Nicolas (designer), who are all running enthusiasts, designed your Kiprun shoes with the help of a network of ambassadors: the runners at Decathlon, sports coaches and you! In this way, we choose the components, create the prototypes and test and validate the products with laboratory and field tests.

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