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Adult Tennis Racket Evo Drive Lite

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This racket was designed for intermediate tennis players looking for a powerful, lightweight racket.

The new Babolat Evo Drive Lite gives you easy power and is available in a lightweight version weighing just 255 g.

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Sale price: 1,075 SAR

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Product Features

A photo of the Adult Tennis Racket Evo Drive Lite in use


Elliptic Frame and 16 x 17 string pattern


The larger 670 cm² head size increases forgiveness


This lightweight version weighs just 255 g

Vibration dampening

The SWX EvoFeel and Woofer System make the racket more comfortable

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Adult Tennis Racket Evo Drive Lite
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Como un pro.

Jugar con esta raqueta es lo más cercano que puedo estar a jugar como un profesional....lo de la condición física, edad y horas de dedicación no se valora ;)

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Raqueta muy facil de manejar y con muy buen toque

Muy recomendada para los amantes del tenis. Es una raqueta casi profesional y está indicada para todos los que se acerquen a este deporte y quieran prácticar a diario

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Siempre acierto

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Très maniable et de plus très légère Après quelques échanges, en tant que senior, permet un retour au tennis sans aucune difficulté d'adaptation pour courir ou frapper les balles 1 raquette très confortable plutôt rigide

Très bonne raquette, …

Très bonne raquette, légère

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Très bien

Très bien

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Une raquette génial tant par sa légèreté que par sa puissance. Un régal.. je l'a recommande ++++.

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J'adore !!

J'adore !!

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Très belle raquette, légère…

Très belle raquette, légère et maniable, je recommande

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Bonne raquette

Bonne raquette

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Bon produit.

Bon produit.

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Raquette très légère, utilisée…

Raquette très légère, utilisée par un adolescent de 14 ans qui en est très content.

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Bon produit

Bon produit

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Raquette performante. Pas pour débutant…

Raquette performante. Pas pour débutant car.rigide

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bon rapport qualité /…

bon rapport qualité / prix.

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Additional Product informations

Weight (unstrung racket)

255 g.Weight: The weight is measured in grams. Just like balance point and length, the weight impacts a racket's swingweight and therefore its manoeuvrability, stability and ability to transfer energy to the ball (power). The heavier the racket, the more power you'll get, but the harder it will be to handle. The lighter the racket, the easier it will be to handle, but the trade-off is less power.

Balance (unstrung racket)

32 cmBalance: This is the racket balance point, measured in centimetres from the bottom of the shaft. The higher the number (head heavy), the more powerful and stable upon impact the racket will be. However, it will also be harder to manoeuvre. The smaller the number (grip biased or handle heavy), the easier the racket will be to handle but you'll have less power and stability.

Head size

670 cm²Head size: This is the surface area of the racket head size measured in squared centimetres. It has an impact on the racket's forgiveness and power. The larger the head size, the more powerful and forgiving it is, but the downside is less control. The smaller the head size, the more control you'll get, but you'll have to sacrifice power and forgiveness.


70 RaRa: This refers to the racket's stiffness, i.e. how much it bends under the impact of the ball. The stiffer the racket (the higher the Ra), the less it bends. The energy lost on impact is minimised and returned to the ball via the strings. Generally, a stiffer racket offers greater power.

Swingweight (unstrung racket)

SW = 270Swingweight: This indicates how easy a racket is to handle and its ability to transfer energy to the ball (power). The higher the swingweight, the more powerful the racket, but also the harder it will be to handle. Conversely, the lower the swingweight, the easier the racket will be to handle, but the trade-off is less power. The swingweight is derived from a combination of the racket weight, balance and length.


16 x 17String pattern: This is the number of mains (vertical strings) x the number of crosses (horizontal strings). The more strings the pattern has, the more "closed" it is; the fewer it has, the more "open" it is. A more closed string pattern offers a greater feeling of control, but less power and spin. A more open string pattern provides more power and spin, but less control.


68.5 cmLength: This is the length of the racket from the bottom of the grip to the top of the head. It is measured in centimetres. The longer the racket, the more power you'll get, but the flip side is that it will be harder to handle. The shorter the racket, the easier it will be to manoeuvre, but you'll have to give up power.

Cross section

Cross section (in mm): 23/26/23

Swx evo feel

The new SMAC technology is integrated at three key points in the racket for improved shock absorption.

Woofer system

This system connects the frame and strings: it offers longer ball-to-string contact for improved control and comfort.

Elliptic frame

Elliptical cross section for optimal durability and overall rigidity for more power.


Syntec Evo grip for enhanced comfort.

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