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100 Resin Road Bike Pedals with Toe Clips

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These light resin pedals have toe clips to keep you secure when you're cycling. The pedals offer excellent foot support and effective pedalling.

Lightweight pedals it's easy to fit your feet into. They offer excellent grip, even in wet weather.

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Sale price: 85 SAR

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Product Features

A photo of the 100 Resin Road Bike Pedals with Toe Clips in use


Resin body.

Rolling efficiency

Ball bearings.


the toe clip and strip keep the foot comfortably in place.

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100 Resin Road Bike Pedals with Toe Clips
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Waste of money

The toe cage has been moulded so flat it is nearly impossible to get your feet in the clips withput bending and using your hand to help. The underside of the pedal isn't flat so you can't really ride on them upside down so if you take the toe clip off they are still worse than normal pedals. You'd be far better buying flats and some separate toe clips that you can actually use

Avoid these toe clips

The central plastic spire through which the strap is thread is not stiff enough to maintain a large enough gap into which the foot can slip. With other brands I've used where that gap is maintained by a stiff spire it becomes second nature to flip the pedal and slip your foot into the clip, but with this model it is really difficult, and frankly dangerous, because if you try and do it on the road (moving away from traffic lights for example) you end up looking down at the pedal for far too long.

improves the speed and less tiring the pedaling

these pedals are very good to have something similar to the pedals that need cycling shoes, but a lot cheaper, comfy and keeping a normal pair of shoes. I don't use them with the clip, without it is faster for me to insert the shoe after having stopped at a traffic light. They improve the speed and I find less tiring pedaling. Using them upside down is like to have a normal pair of pedals in case of very frequent stops.

Just what I needed

I'm doing the Ride London 46 on my Brompton in 3 weeks time and decided I wanted some better pedal contact than the standard flat pedals give. These are just the job given I don't really have time to sort out a set of SPDs from my touring bike and get the cleats on my shoes in right place for the Brompton's riding style. Not sure why folks say they are small, they put my size 9 feet in my Exustar touring shoes in exactly the right place. Clips were a bit squished but a few min soaking in hot water and it is easy to reshape them. Minus 2 stars as no grease on the bearings made them stiff out of the packet.

Alternative to cleats

Bought these for my hybrid to avoid feet slipping off the pedals without going for cleats and cycling shoes.

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Toe clip far too small

Only suitable for child size footwear, the toe clips are too small, and being pre-formed plastic there is no chance of widening the gap

Hello. Thank you for your review. We have indeed received similar feedback about the size of the toe clips which has been given directly to the product designers. Please do not hesitate to visit your local store or contact our Customer Loyalty Team for a refund or exchange. 

MICHAEL, Road Cycling Leader, DECATHLON

Far to small, would help if on the description a foot size was entered.

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Too small, not like their predecessor

I have had the previous model made of metal without all the ridges the new ones have. Uncomfortable and too small at the toe end to be able to put your foot in completely - bring back the previous version. I am going back for a refund.

Hello. Thank you for the review. It is very useful for us to have this feedback on new products, especially as you can compare with the previous model. This feedback will go directly to the design team. Please don't hesitate to ask our in store team for assistance in finding a suitable pedal or, as you have mentioned, a refund. 

MICHAEL, Road Cycling Leader, DECATHLON
Too Small Even For Size 8's

The pedals are far too small and the end of the toe clip bit is uncomfortable and you are forever moving your feet about to try and find a secure position. With these you are constantly riding on your toes and when you come out of the saddle riding on your toes puts pressure on your calf muscles. If only you could get further into the toe clips they would be fine. I have tried them with the straps twice but they are better without as the straps position is too low. I have managed 3 rides of up to nearly 40 miles each time but it takes my calf muscles nearly a week to recover. I'll be taking the pedals back this week.

I'm sorry to read that these pedals are uncomfortable. You are not the first person to give us this feedback and I will forward your comments on to the team in charge of this item at b'Twin.
As indicated, please return them to us for a refund or an exchange with your receipt or Decathlon card.
Peter Lazarus, National Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
Too small!

The toeclips on these pedals are very small and cannot be adjusted. I have quite small feet (eng size 8) and they're much too small for me. Probably only suitable for children.

Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for taking the time to post a review of these pedals.
I will forward your comments on to the product manager at Decathlon as they are designed for adults and should accommodate most shoe sizes.
Please feel free to return them to your local branch for a refund or an exchange.
Peter Lazarus, National Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
Resin toeclips and pedal

Good pedal clips, easy to install the whole pedal. The resin clips hold their shape well, so if they were squashed in transit or in the package, then they hold that shape unless you put a spacer when not riding. Otherwise, they are good and give extra power to pedalling.

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Fit is tight

This is a pair of tight clips so not very easy to put on while riding. So if you are looking for a pair for daily commute maybe not your best choice

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Hi Harry,

Thank you again for taking the time to share your feedback about these Biking Pedal Clips. We are sorry to hear that these did not work out to your satisfaction, however if you would like to come back in store we are able to find a different solution for you!

Good value for the price

The pedals appeared well designed and made of engineered plastic. My only complain was it took me half hour using a blow dryer to 'unpack' the toe clips so they are wide open enough to fit my shoes in. The straps I think is only good for indoor cycling machines, to use them on an actual bike cycling around could be dangerous. Installation was easy and straight forward. The bearings seem smooth but don't know how long they will last only time will tell.

mod-able to fit small bike

Good: Dip cage in hot water and bend it to fit small frame racer to prevent front tip of clip rubbing front wheel. Very affordable. Bad: Design flaw: Protruding tip on top part of pedal make inserting shoe difficult. My old pedals have tips on the bottom. Spindles feels rough before ride, smooth after a short ride, and rest assured bearings are greased sparingly.

Hi Willy,

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us on the 100 Resin Road Biking Pedals with Toe Clips.

We will share your feedback of the design issues with our product design team. We are constantly looking to improve our products and your feedback may prove invaluable.

If you're looking to upgrade or change your pedals, don't hesitate to come down to SG Lab and we could advise you on the next set for your bike!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Bicycle Guy,
Sport Leader, B'Twin - Decathlon SG Lab
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