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100 Cardio Boxing Mitts

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Our team of enthusiasts designed these mitts specially for beginners doing punching bag work.

Gain protection during your punching bag training thanks to the wrist strap and finger protection foam.

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Sale price: 130 SAR

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Product Features

A photo of the 100 Cardio Boxing Mitts in use

Impact protection

Foam block on the back of the hand to protect the metacarpals.

Joint support

Wide wrist strap with rip-tab fastening.

Abrasion resistance

Polyurethane covering for good abrasion resistance.

Additional Product informations



  • 5% Polyurethane
  • 95% Polyester

Back of the hand

  • 100% Polyurethane


  • 10% Polyurethane
  • 90% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

A design combining protection and manoeuvrability

Hard to lift weights with boxing gloves? We recommend mitts rather than gloves for cardio boxing sessions, so you don't need to change equipment between each exercise! With the wedge inside the hand, the 100 cardio gloves provide a good feel for shaking hands and for ground exercises (push-ups, burpees, etc.).Plus, the suedette and rubber palm resists perspiration and lets your hand breathe


These mitts allow you to train with combinations, doing both striking exercises with a bag, and strengthening exercises with or without equipment (push-ups, dumbbells, etc.). This allows you to vary your exercises without removing your mitts.

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