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Waterproof SwimMusic 100 V3 Swimming MP3 Player and Headphones Black Blue

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Designed for beginner swimmers wanting to relax during their session. Music to get away from it all!

Use the SwimMusic 100 waterproof MP3 player, its headphones and support accessories, during your pool sessions to relax and get away from it all!

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Sale price: 230 SAR

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Product Features

A photo of the Waterproof SwimMusic 100 V3 Swimming MP3 Player and Headphones Black Blue in use

Easy reading

Classic or random playback to mix things up. 4GB (approx. 660 MP3 files).

Anatomic design

2 shapes, 3 sizes of earbuds and ear fins.

Audio efficiency

You can boost the volume if you wish.


Music player waterproof to 2 metres.

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Waterproof SwimMusic 100 V3 Swimming MP3 Player and Headphones Black Blue
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Small in size and easy to use

I enjoyed listening to music while swimming. Very impressed with this MP Player. Very affordable

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Wil only play one song

I have put lots of music on it but it will only play the sample song it came with

Never worked

Fa's delivery, they never worked, I emailed them about them but didn't receive any reply.

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Still going strong after 4 months

Getting back into swimming, I thought that listening to audiobooks night be the way forward so I bought this and it's worked well. I didn't want to invest in a more expensive gadget until I knew I'd stick at it. This is a really basic MP3 player so there's no ffwd or rwd - I've had to go through all sorts of fiddling to reformat and split my Audible files ... but I know that when I bought it and although it's not ideal for this use, it works well enough. The earplugs come with various fittings so you can get a good fit, and they've never fallen out yet. The sound is fine - not great quality but the volume is adequate and it had a boost function - it would be better to have a higher volume option though. I clip the player to my swimsuit and it's generally secure, although it has come loose once or twice. However it's not heavy so it doesn't cause a problem or drop to the floor. All in all, a great budget buy - it's good for the money and it's going well four months on, so I'll hopefully carry on using it for a while before I decide to upgrade.

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Working only for few months

I bought this product 6 months ago and, at the beggining, it was worth it. Right now I can listen only to the same first 20 songs I put it. Every other theme is just skypped from the playlist. Not worth it.

Great swimming company

Have had more expensive versions that have not worked nearly as well.

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Found this MP3 worked very well to start off with......then limited selection of songs despite having 100 on the device. Now just plays one song on a continuous loop. Brought this just before Christmas 2020 to use in pool. Have not used in pool for 15 weeks due to COVID closedown. Can’t say that I’m too impressed with the products ability to perfom

Good for about 5 swims then just stopped working

Bought this November used a couple times before lockdown. Pools opened back up first 3 times ok 4th time it just stopped mid swim, now lights permanently on and won’t switch on off or play.... shame as was very good to start with!

Best product for that money

Im so happy that ive bought that mp3, im swimming every day 30-40 minutes. Thats my third mp3 for swimming, If you dont want to spend a lot. Just buy it. Remember that is for 30$, and its not audiophile stuff and it have to work in water ;)

Permanently on shuffle

I have not yet used it in the water as pools are closed at the moment, but I am not happy. The sound is excellent; I can even hear it on a busy street but I cannot cancel the shuffle mode. This would be OK if I listened to music but I prefer audio books.

Hello Micheline,

Sorry to hear that you face troubles to remove shuffle mode. Could you try to switch ON your device and once it is playing your audio tracks to double clic on the play/pause button. Try several times until you hear 3 bips and it will desactivate shuffle mode.

Victor Ingénieur Produit

So good I'm compelled to write a review

I never leave a comment about anything but after a year or so of researching headphones that would work whilst swimming, I hadn't seen these until I saw them on the shelf in Decathlon. At £30 I thought it was worth a punt. They are phenomenal. I wear ear plugs usually and they always let water in. I swim in lakes for around 30 mins at a time. These headphones are 100% effective at keeping water out for me. The music is more than loud enough to listen to whilst swimming. I would 100% recommend them. I'm going to buy a couple of sets in case they eventually break in future (I guess something working in water will eventually break!) so I have more of them.

Good for the money, but stopped working

Worked great but after a year or so it’s just stopped working. Won’t charge and turn on. Mainly used for running and not in the water

Must have for all swimmers

Whilst maybe not as essential as a swimming suit or googles when swimming makes those endless lengths all the more tolerable, i prefer swimming with music than with out.

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Nabaiji Swimmusic 100 outstanding value for money

Okay, so there are lots of these on the market and most are around the £50-£80 mark. I decided to give this a try as the reviews in all the others weren't great. I have to say I love it. The instructions are one tiny page and that's because you don't need any more! Loading the songs on was so easy that I left my 15 year old to do it for me whilst I went for a run. Sound quality was great, you don't need anymore. MP3 player fastened to mu goggle easily and stayed in place the whole time (I do front crawl) The wire didn't get in my way, at one point it got a little stuck between my shoulder a neck but a little wiggle and it was free. I pushed off a little less fast than I usually would as I was worried I'd lose my ear buds but they stayed in place no problem. Only issue was wanting to sing to the tunes! All in all for £24.99 I don't think you can go far wrong, I am really impressed and can't wait for my next swim.

Mp3 player

Много добър продукт

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Благодарим Ви, че отделихте от времето си, за да ни оставите Вашата обратна връзка. Нашият екип следи всички канали, за да можем да подобряваме услугите си всеки ден.

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Silicon


  • 100% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene


  • 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Inner fabric

  • 100% Printed Circuit Board


  • 100% Battery - Li Po

File formats and connection

This waterproof SwimMusic MP3 player supports MP3 and WMA formats.This player is PC and MAC compatible and connects via a specific type of USB cable supplied with the device.

Mp3 battery life

The waterproof MP3 player turns off automatically after 3 minutes of inactivity. It has a battery life of 10 hours and can be recharged through the USB port of your computer.

Mp3 setup

Before the first session, take the time to try on the different earbuds (shapes and sizes) and ear fins to ensure a perfect fit during use.Make sure they are fully inserted in the ear by slightly turning them until there is a perfect seal. The hook fits over the fold of your ear. The cap is worn over the hook to keep it firmly in place.If water gets into the headphones (muffled sound), give them a shake and blow into them.

Mp3 kit

The set contains:- a waterproof MP3 player for swimming.- Nabaiji waterproof headphones with 3.5mm jack (compatible with SWIMMUSIC 100, DELIGHT and most music players on the market).- 3 sizes of "fir" shaped earplugs.- 3 sizes of "ball" shaped earplugs.- 3 sizes of ear fin accessories, exclusive to NABAIJI.The sizes of the buds are shown by the colour inside the earbud. Each colour corresponds to a size.

Mp3 precautions

This waterproof MP3 player is designed for swimming in fresh or chlorinated water. When used in salt water, due to the corrosive nature of salt, be sure to rinse your product with clean water after each use.Make sure to charge your MP3 player at least once every 3 months. It is not suitable for advanced use for diving, stalking or tumbling.

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